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"POWERING AFRICA'S INVESTMENTS : We are a major player in the African oil business, supplying over 2,500,000m3 of petroleum products per year to over 10 countries in East, Central and Southern Africa. "

"POWERING MODERN TECHNOLOGY: We keep pace with and match every initiative the African continent aspires to achieve by awaketing untapped potentials of our people. "

  Corporate Social Responsibility  

Kenol/Kobil does not lay emphasis on sales only. In each of the countries where the Kenol and Kobil brands are represented, the company upholds it's policy of being a socially responsible organization.

Within the Group�s business province, the company has implemented a wide corporate responsibility scheme as a way of interacting with, and passing on accrued benefits with the society it does business with, while at the same time adding value to shareholders� investments.

In 2004, Kobil Petroleum Limited was recognized by the Kenya Revenue Authority as the second highest tax payer of the year. The recognition was a confirmation that the company owes its business success to the nation as a whole, and that the nation is the company�s first and foremost corporate social responsibility recipient.

In Kenya, the company engages in a number of long-term corporate social responsibility projects. These include the long-term rehabilitation and capacity-building programme for Mama Ngina Children�s Home, and the Kenol Scholarship Fund which was set aside to enable bright children from underprivileged families to acquire quality education. The company has since been offering employment opportunities for bright graduates of its CSR projects.

In each of the countries it operates the company engages its staff in various community development programmes. The company also engages in a number of environmental CSR programmes geared towards encouraging safe use of the products it markets.

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