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"POWERING AFRICA'S INVESTMENTS : We are a major player in the African oil business, supplying over 2,500,000m3 of petroleum products per year to over 10 countries in East, Central and Southern Africa. "

"POWERING MODERN TECHNOLOGY: We keep pace with and match every initiative the African continent aspires to achieve by awaketing untapped potentials of our people. "

  Code of Conduct  
Kenol/Kobil Group Code of Conduct Our Vision
Our Objectives

The objective of Kenol/Kobil is to engage efficiently, responsibly and safely in the downstream oil marketing business in Africa. The Company seeks a high standard of performance with the aim to further the long-term benefits of its Shareholders, its Employees, its customers and the society it does business with.

Our Responsibilities

We recognize and uphold our responsibilities to our shareholders and to our employees:

a) To Shareholders

To develop and protect the investments and interests of the Shareholders in accordance with their objectives and guidelines, and to operate at all times in a cost-efficient and profitable manner, bearing in mind that the Company has a clear and important duty of care in its dealings with the Shareholders' investments and interests.
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