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01 Oct 2002

Kobil Zambia Shaping Up

Since its incorporation in Zambia in the early 1990s, Jovenna Zambia Limited (which was purchased by Kenol early this year and is now trading as Kobil Zambia Ltd.) embarked on a very strong branding exercise, making it one of the most visible oil marketing companies in the market. The company has emerged as a very strong brand in the Zambian oil industry. In its first year of operation, Kobil Zambia has managed to not only resuscitate all the existing retail outlets, but has also regained about 80 per cent of JZL's commercial customers who had drifted to the competition. This has led to the rapid growth in the traded volumes by the company. By July, the company had achieved monthly sales of 1.5 million litres. The company has also recently expanded its Premium fuel storage facility by commissioning two new underground tanks. Kobil Zambia is currently gearing itself to take on major contracts in the country. Already, the company is involved with the Zambia National Service (a production wing of the Zambia Defense Forces) in the dam construction projects for the country's recently introduced Winter Crop Programme. The company is also involved in the supply of fuel to the ZNS farms. ZNS has also been commissioned to re-construct rural roads in all the nine provinces in the country. Kobil Zambia has promised to pursue this partnership with ZNS. The newly launched Kobil brand of lubricants started selling in July.
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