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"POWERING AFRICA'S INVESTMENTS : We are a major player in the African oil business, supplying over 2,500,000m3 of petroleum products per year to over 10 countries in East, Central and Southern Africa. "

"POWERING MODERN TECHNOLOGY: We keep pace with and match every initiative the African continent aspires to achieve by awaketing untapped potentials of our people. "

  Corporate Social Responsibility  

Kobil Zambia participates in a number of corporate social responsibility projects. These include:

1. National Agenda for Social Advancement (NASAD) � Kobil sponsors this project by giving them assistance in the form of fuel on regular basis. NASAD is a charity organization that looks after lepers.

2. Chilenje Transient Home � This is a charity organization that takes care of widows and Orphans. Kobil Zambia Limited sponsors this organization by giving them assistance in the form of fuel on a regular basis.

3. Zambia National Rugby Team � Kobil Zambia Limited is a co-sponsor of National Rugby Team.
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