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"POWERING AFRICA'S INVESTMENTS : We are a major player in the African oil business, supplying over 2,500,000m3 of petroleum products per year to over 10 countries in East, Central and Southern Africa. "

"POWERING MODERN TECHNOLOGY: We keep pace with and match every initiative the African continent aspires to achieve by awaketing untapped potentials of our people. "


Q. Do you sell fuel in drums?
A. Yes we do.

Q. How do I become a service station Dealer?

  1. Have requisite working capital. Amount will vary depending on the size/facilities of the station.
  2. Be of age between 35 - 50 years.
  3. Be resident to location where the station is located.
  4. Be of O-Level

Q. What is low sulphur diesel?
A. Low sulphur diesel is automotive diesel with a low content of sulphur. Typical levels of sulphur content of diesel currently used in Kenya are about 1% m. Low sulphur diesel contains a maximum of about 0.5%m of sulphur

Q. Do you sell fuel dispensing pumps?
A. We do not sell pumps.

Q. How do you apply for service station plot development?
A. - Write to the Retail Sales Manager and give details on the physical location of the proposed plot and enclose a copy of the deed plan along with a sketch map of the plot.

Q. Why introduce low sulphur diesel?
A. The introduction of low sulphur diesel by Kenol/Kobil has been triggered by two main factors.

  • To reduce harmful exhaust gas emissions and improve the quality of air
  • To provide vehicles owners with a product that will yield more power

Q. what are the consequence of high sulphur contents in diesel?
A. (a) Health Hazards: The emissions produced by diesel run engines contain particulates (fine sooty emissions) that contain sulphur. These emissions affect the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Fine particles can be carried deep into the lungs aggravating the symptoms of asthma and worsening the conditions of people with heart and lung diseases. These particles can also cause cancer. Low sulphur diesel significantly reduces these particulate emissions thus reducing these health risks.
  (b)Environment Hazards: Emissions from high sulphur diesel contain high amounts of sulphur oxides

Q. Can my car use low sulphur diesel?
A. Yes

Q. What are the effects of switching from high sulphur to low sulphur?
A. There is no damage that is caused by switching to Low sulphur diesel. You may notice an improvement in fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear on your engine and catalytic converter

Q. Where can I get low sulphur diesel?
A. Low sulphur diesel is available at the following selected service stations. However

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